"..a buoyant veteran of YouTube, a sharp observer of the entire digital culture"



“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

An AI artist, storyteller and "recovered YouTuber," Taryn Southern's work has sat at the forefront of emerging technology, influence, and human potential for more than a decade.


Her directorial debut documentary, I AM HUMAN, followed three real-world "cyborgs" with implantable brain interfaces and premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2019. Taryn’s other creative work includes the world’s first solo music album composed with artificial intelligence I AM AI, (2018), an award-winning immersive VR series funded by one of twelve Google grants (2018), and the world’s first “song token” on the blockchain, enabling artists to share royalties with an infinite number of collaborators using Ethereum technology. 


As a provocative female voice for emerging technologies, Taryn regularly applies human-centric storytelling, ethnographic fieldwork principles, and AI insights toward product launches and stories for innovative tech companies. She is personally excited by tech that enhances personal and collective well-being and has architected campaigns for personalized genomics, egg freezing, AI, sleep, stem cells, and bio-tracking brands. An advocate for women in science and tech, Taryn sits on the board of Tubular Labs and the National Academy of Medicine’s Longevity Challenge. Her work has been featured in publications like Vanity Fair, Fast Company, Wired, TechCrunch, Business Insider, Forbes and more. 



Taryn's first breakout media endeavor was Project MyWorld, a 2007 television series on DirecTV where she traveled the globe to meet her 50,000+ MySpace friends. Soon after, she established herself as an early content creator YouTube, accumulating more than 750 million views across her online content and 500,000 subscribers. Since that time, Taryn has been a host/correspondent for numerous networks including Discovery Channel, NBC, MTV, G4, Vh1, Conde Naste, Maker Studios, Endemol, and The Today Show, bringing technology, digital culture and humor to a broad audience. 

Originally a cultural anthropology & media studies double major with an emphasis on “inner culture,” Taryn’s university fieldwork included eco-tourism in Belize, archaeological preservation in Key West, and the ayahuasca traditions in Peru.


AI + Creativity

I AM AI is Taryn's pop album composed and produced with AI, streamed more than 10 million times on radio and the internet.

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Documentary Film

 Taryn's directorial debut, I AM HUMAN, a sci-fi documentary following three of the world's first "cyborgs," premiered at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival. Now available on VOD platforms - www.iamhumanfilm.com

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Virtual Reality

Through Google's Creator Lab, Taryn created an award-winning emerging tech VR series that is now featured in museums and digital art fairs around the world.

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Taryn Southern's AI Album Is A

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