I AM AI is the first album by a solo artist composed and produced with artificial intelligence. The songs explore the future of humans and machines, asking the questions: 

Who are we?

What will we become

…and are we ready?


Comprised of eight tracks, the album’s first single “Break Free” currently has more than 4 million streams and landed on the Mediabase Indicator radio charts at #48 in August of 2018. The song has garnered reviews and coverage from publications like Wired, Forbes, and Fast Company. 

YouTube's Creator Lab awarded Taryn a grant in 2017 to create three immersive VR videos, of which two songs on the album were written for.


I AM AI is scheduled to release September 27th, 2018.

About The Album

About The Process

Machine learning can be used to process, compose, and produce composition or instrumentation. With rule based AI, the artist can direct parameters (i.e. BPM, rhythm, instrumentation, style.) With generative AI, the artist can input musical data, and apply deep learning to output new musical compositions based on statistical probabilities and patterns. Editorial arrangement plays a heavy part in the artist's process in either scenario.

Taryn used a combination of tools including IBM’s Watson Beat, Amper, AIVA,  and Google Magenta. In all cases, AI software composed the notation, and when Amper was used, the AI also produced the instrumentation. 


Taryn arranged the compositions and wrote vocal melodies and lyrics, while producer Ethan Carlson handled vocal production, mixing and mastering.




composed/produced with Amper

A woman desires to know what lies biological existence.



composed with Watson Beat & Amper

An anthem for the blockchain generation. Contains lyrical contributions by 240+ collaborators who each own a portion of the song through tokenized smart contracts.



composed with Watson Beat & Amper

A girl falls in love…with her robot. 


GENESIS feat. DJ Beep Code

composed with Watson Beat

An anthem for a new era - the dawn of man + machine.


composed/produced with Amper

A journey to the dystopian present, where humans can’t survive without technology.



composed/produced with Amper

An expression of fear brought by the waves of change.



composed with AIVA

What happens when an android falls in love…with a human?

Apparently anything.



composed with Amper; sounds by NSynth

Are the voices in our heads anything more than just sophisticated code?


“One of a few trailblazers looking to make A.I.-generated music a mainstream tool…” - Inverse


"The robots are coming. And they’re bringin’ the jams." - Toronto Star


"The world's first AI-composed music album is here, and it sounds amazing" - Catch 


"It’s only a matter of time before your favorite AI-created song or movie is accepting its Grammy or Oscar award." - HuffPost 


“Is music about to have its first AI No. 1?” - BBC Music


“A thumping pulse sets a tense heartbeat tempo. The song swells and recedes, transitioning between brooding and empowering.” - IQ Magazine


"Break Free, it's a brooding ballad that wouldn't sound out of place on the Hunger Games soundtrack" - BBC 


"The song is a big, moody ballad — the kind that might play during the climax of a Steven Spielberg movie." - The Verge 


“…a catchy, radio-friendly 4-minute track” - Inverse


“a glacial synth-pop track about transcending the limitations of the human body” -  Toronto Star 


"This new AI-composed pop song sounds like something from a Spotify playlist" - Fast Company 

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